Puppy Escort Service

We have two trusted puppy escorts that have transported over 500 puppies all over the world. They have access to discounted flight options. They will fly to us and pick up the puppy and then fly with the puppy in the cabin of the aircraft to an airport near you. We have delivered puppies literally all across the US & to select customers, internationally, using our trusted puppy escorts.  Let us know if you'd like more information on how this works.   We Never "Ship" puppies as air freight.

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  1. Carol Ratliff says:

    Hi. I am interested in more information about your puppies. Is it possible to find a Havanese puppy that going to be really small at full grown. I’m looking for something really small. I love what I’ve read about the breed. Please send me more information. Thanks, Carol 661-478-6033

  2. Sue Narad says:

    Hi, First, you have gorgeous Havanese and I am interested in a female. I have a female, Luna who I bought to show. She had a different plan for herself and hates being shown. She won the battle of showing her and spends all her time playing instead of prancing around the show rings and being brushed every day. She has her national and internal papers and was shown twice in AKC show rings and made herself sick and threw up. She won Best of Opposites at her first AKC show. I am wanting to purchase a beautiful AKC Havanese like Luna. What do you charge for an unlimited AKC female? I can send you Luna\’s pictures so you can see the quality of dog she is. Thank you, Sue

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