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All Eyes Are Open!! 2/13/13 Litter

The puppies are 2 weeks old today.  “Snow White” opened her eyes last night and “Belle” and “Rapunzel” opened their eyes today.  They are beginning to move around much more now and using more of the room in their whelping box.  Such sweet puppies, they all love their snuggle times and so do we! 🙂

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Their eyes are opening!! 2/13/13 Litter

I just went in the bedroom to change the puppies bedding and 2 of them now have their eyes open!!  “Prince Charming” and “Tinkerbell” both have their eyes open, they were also the first 2 born.  How sweet they all are!!

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1 Week Old — 02/13/2013 Litter

The puppies are now 1 Week Old!!!!  Although they are still tiny and sweet it is amazing how much they are grown in just 1 week.  They are starting to move even more in their litter box.  None of them have eyes open yet . . .  We’ll keep you posted!!

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Lady Sterling Comes Home (a beautiful Havanese Puppy)

I travel to Orlando to personally escort our darling Havanese puppy “Lady Sterling” home.

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