Puppies – June 2011

Nursing Havanese Puppies

Our Matriarch "Lady Sterling of Xenia Castle" whelped a litter of 5 puppies (3 Males, 2 Females) on April 9th. Depending on their development, the earliest they will go to their new homes is 8 weeks. But we may allow up to 12 weeks. So that makes them available sometime in May or June. We will be keeping one of them to join our pack.

All 5 are doing quite well.
In honor of our Children's affinity for the Toy Story movies, we have temporarily dubbed them using names from characters in the film.
We have named them Jesse, Buzz Light Year, Bullseye, Woody.
If you are interested in discussing, give us a call: 304-667-6993, or email info@championhavanesepuppies.com

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